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Collect & Analyse Quotes    Print Price Shopping Made EasyOur server or cloud-based software hugely simplifies the supplier selection process.       
Collect Price QuotesWith pre-defined print specifications, you can get quote requests out to prefered printers in no time.
Instant Price AnalysisWith one click, Customer Focus Enterprise identifies the best supplier for your customer's needs.      
Orders & Invoices    Efficient Print ProcurementImprove your profitability with streamlined processes and re-order reminders.      
One Click Quote Conversion   Simply select the preferred quantity to create a live print order, complete with full print specification.      
Completed Orders & Order Book Value   Review and re-order previous orders, and review the value, cost, profit and margin on selected orders.      
Intelligent Re-Order Reminders   Provide a value-added service to your customers with timely re-order reminders.        
Manage Consumable Sales Orders   Customer Focus Enterprise can also be used to sell promotional products, office supplies, design services and more.      
Job Tracking    Manage Due Dates and DeadlinesThe Electronic Job Bag Centre manages all key business processes.      
Studio & Task Management   Each Job Bag opens with a series of auto-allocated actions to be completed, date and time stamped for quality control.        
Supplier Chasing   Request order acknowledgement and delivery date confirmation from suppliers with this helpful routine.        
Artwork & Proof Management   Send proof approval documentation and track correspondence to ensure timely delivery of orders.      
Reporting    Measure Your ProgressIdentify your strengths and opportunities with comprehensive and flexible reporting options.      
On-Screen Trend Analysis   This graphical report compares your performance (both quotes and orders) month to month, so you can make sure you're on track.      
Custom Report Builder   Every aspect of Customer Focus Enterprise has reporting controls; set your criteria, and save useful reports for future use.
Re-Establish Contact   Keep your sales team busy by scheduling calls to anyone you've not contacted in the last month (or set your own date range).      
System Admin    Customise your SystemThe System Admin functions allow you to customise Enterprise to your requirements.        
Staff Database   Give each member of your team access to the areas they need to do their job, improving efficiency and security.        
System Customise   Set up your own criteria for segmenting your database, from industry codes through to regional account managers.        
System Functions   Set up different quote, order and invoice header graphics depending on the customer, account rep. or division, and control the import / export of data.        
Accounting    No Third Party Software RequiredRemove the time and cost associated with transferring your accounting data from one system to another.        
General Ledger & Accounts   Includes Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance, Tax Returns, Bank Reconciliation, Customer Remittances and Supplier Payments.        
Double Entry Bookkeeping   Create and view nominal account details, journals and key reports, post customer remittances, allocate cash and produce reports. View, save and print debtor and creditor details.        
Marketing   Plan, Execute & ReportPlan and budget for marketing activity, and target your customers more accurately.        
Campaign Planner   Map out your Marketing Campaigns and assign budgets; track enquiries and orders generated, and measure your return on investment.        
Product Marketing   This report lets you create lists of customers based on their quote or order history, so you can email everyone who you quoted for pens last month, but didn't purchase.        
Stock Management    Warehouse & DispatchEnterprise helps you keep track of all customer and self-owned stock.        
Print Management Dispatch   View previous dispatches and future dispatches, and schedule immediate dispatch of an urgent order.      
Print Management Schedule   View all past and future scheduled dispatches of customer owned stock.      
Carrier Integration   Enterprise is integrated with UPS WorldShip, allowing barcode scanners to transfer order shipment information to the carrier, and tracking numbers into the Job Bag.        
Automated Processes   Remove Repetitive TasksBy automating processes, your team can focus on delivering exceptional customer service.        
Supplier Chasing   Auto-email suppliers to request order acknowledgement and/or delivery date confirmation.        
Customer Communication   Automatically send customers updates on their order, chase proof approvals and provide stock reports.        
Auto-Emailed Reports   Set a schedule to receive reports from every area of your business, so you're always in control.        
Auto Job-Bag Adjust   Automate purchase order creation, proof approval and even invoicing with this powerful functionality.        
Advanced Accounts   Detailed Management AnalysisAdditional automated routines for the Finance dept., and greater visibility over company performance.        
Commission Reports   Supports multiple Commission Systems, real-time commission reviews and employee outputs, plus Profit & Loss Reports by Sales Person or Department.        
Management Analysis   Detailed reporting on sales team performance, job profitability, product sales and more.        
Advanced Accounts Pack   Includes Auto On Hold and Auto Debt Chase routines, Staged and Recurring Invoices, and Department / Cost Centers.        
Web2Print Upgrade   Integrated Online Design and ProofingGive your customers an easy way to customise and order their print materials over the web.   Optional Optional Optional
Online PDF Proofing   Users can upload and edit images, which can then be used directly on their artwork templates. The central Proof Manager stores templates, fonts, and customer proofs. Optional Optional Optional
Print Ready Output   Completed templates are ready for printing, reducing production costs. Proofs can be downloaded alongside orders, and dropped straight into the Live Print Orders database.
Optional Optional Optional
Fix Editable Areas   Choose which areas of each template are fixed and which are editable, ensuring control of brand identity. Variable text, fonts, sizes and other attributes are recognized on upload.
Optional Optional Optional
eCommerce Website Fully Integrated with Web2Print and Customer Focus EnterpriseSophisticated webstore for corporate schemes and general orders. 
Optional Optional Optional
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Plans and Pricing FAQs

Plans and Pricing FAQs

  • Are there set up costs?Yes, there's a set up and implementation fee. This will vary based on the number of users and your specific requirements, and we keep it as low as possible so there's no barrier to entry. Ask your consultant for an estimate.
  • How much can I expect to pay for training?That depends. Our online Learning Management System (LMS) is available as a free and unlimited resource and includes articles, help sheets, videos and a live link to a support consultant. We can accommodate customized training, either delivered remotely or on-site, for an additional fee.
  • What is the minimum contract term?12 months. This gives us a good body of time in which to fully embed Customer Focus Enterprise into your organization, and work with you to achieve the best return on investment.
  • Is Technical Support provided?Yes, telephone, email and live chat Technical Support is provided free of charge as part of your package. We have help centers in the UK and US, so can offer very broad coverage.
  • Do I have to pay for software updates?No. All updates to your software are provided free of charge as part of your package, so that we can ensure you have access to the most advanced solution for your needs.
  • Can you transfer my existing customer data?Yes, we can help you to migrate customer, prospect and financial data from your current system to Customer Focus Enterprise. Typically customer and prospect information is pretty straightforward, with financial data being a more labor-intensive process. We can provide templates and quote for doing this for you if required.
  • Do you offer a free trial?Yes, but Customer Focus Enterprise is a very comprehensive system, and in our experience a free trial can be a little overwhelming! We'd prefer to give you a demonstration first before letting you loose on the software.
  • Is the software server or cloud based?Either, but we prefer to deploy the cloud-based version as this allows us to apply updates free of charge, and means you can access your software from any device with an internet connection. If you would prefer a local server based system, please advise your consultant.
  • Is it easy to upgrade my package?Yes it's easy to add the additional functionality, just bear in mind that you may require additional training and adjusted user permissions before you roll out the upgrade.
  • What countries is this available in?Customer Focus Enterprise supports multiple currencies and languages, and we have customers in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Our technical support locations are in Sheffield, England, and Costa Mesa, California.


Besley & Copp

Shane Tout

Besley & Copp

"With close approaching 1500 active users, Customer Focus Enterprise with the Web2Print upgrade has enabled Besley & Copp to win substantial new business and reignite interest from our existing customers.

"Due to the business critical nature of a back office system, it was essential that Besley & Copp chose a product that was flexible, user friendly and above all scaleable. We believe that Customer Focus Enterprise Pro has met and exceeded these criteria allowing us to focus on what we do best!"

Pierce Partnership

Keith Hanna

The Pierce Partnership

"We've used Customer Focus Enterprise since 1994, and during that time the team have constantly enhanced and improved their software with regular updates and releases, through actively encouraging and listening to development requests from the end user.

"With this development Customer Focus Enterprise Pro still meets and goes beyond our requirements."

Icom Print Management

Alastair Pemberton

iCOM Print Management

"Customer Focus Enterprise Software has enhanced our business processes through the workflow systems for stock management and reporting. This has enabled us to manage stock in a professional way on behalf of our clients.

"Customer Focus Enterprise is more than just a piece of software, it is a 'business tool' that when used effectively gives control over the critical aspects of procuring and supplying print."