Management Advanced

Management Reporting

Measure your progress against your goals


300 Pre-Loaded Reports

Enterprise Advanced is delivered with 300 standard reports, on every area of your business from sales performance through to job profitability.

This makes it easy for you to spot bottlenecks in your processes, and identify areas where you could improve productivity. The star of the show is the Job Profitability report, which lets you see at a glance your most profitable projects by date range, employee and more.

300 Pre-Loaded Reports
Unlimited Custom Reports

Unlimited Custom Reports

One of the features promotional product distributors love about Enterprise Advanced is the ability to report on literally every area of the business, from the Telesales Scheduler through to Supplier Payments.

With almost limitless segmentation criteria, you can create the report you want, and save it for future use.


Focus and Protect

With Enterprise Advanced, you can give each user specific permissions, limiting their access to parts of your system that you'd rather keep private. You can also limit who can export customer and prospect records, and show sales people only their own accounts.

This way you can be sure that your team are focused on the areas of the software that they need to do their job, and that your database security is protected.

Protect your client list