Orders and Invoices

Orders and Invoices

Print Purchasing Made Easy


One Click Quote Conversion

When your customer gives you the green light to proceed, you can convert the print quote to an order in one click. Customer Focus Enterprise software for Print Brokers will automatically pull through the selected print supplier for the selected quantity.

You can generate Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Labels and Delivery Notes in one place, so your print supplier can ship direct to the customer with your branded documents.

One Click Print Quote Conversion
Completed Orders & Order Book Value

Completed Orders & Order Book Value

Completed Orders move from the Live Print Order view into Completed Orders, and can be viewed by Job Number, Date Ordered, Customer and Job Title. It's an easy way to review orders, and raise new Enquiries or Orders using the same specification.

The Order Book Value report shows you, by date, customer and/or representative, the value, cost, profit and margin of the selected jobs. You can add filters such as new or repeat orders only, and include print and/or consumable goods orders.


Intelligent Re-Order Reminders

You'll find a 'Follow Up' button on almost every window in Customer Focus Enterprise; this adds an entry to your calendar to remind you to follow up on a quote, chase a supplier, check in with your customer for feedback etc.

What you also have is the 'Jobs Due for Re-Order' function, which creates a simple, attractive order form that you can email to your customer. It includes details of their last order(s), and makes it easy for them to re-order.

It's a great way to ensure your clients don't run out of marketing material.

Intelligent Re-Order Reminders
Manage Consumable Sales Orders

Raise and Manage Consumable Sales Orders

Customer Focus Enterprise isn't just brilliant for managing print broker / manager businesses. It runs manufacturing, wholesale and distribution businesses in all industries, and has a wealth of functionality you can deploy to sell other products

For example, if you also sell promotional products, corporate apparel and signs, you can add these items into the Product Catalogue, and create quotes, orders and invoices for these items. As part of your implementation, we'll help you set up specific processes in the Job Management Centre for these items.