Overprint Create

Overprint Management

Designed for Promotional Product Suppliers


Create Overprint Jobs

Many promotional product suppliers do not need a full manufacturing software system as they purchase finished product and overprint or brand that product. The Customer Focus Enterprise overprint routine has been specifically designed for this.

With it, you can create overprint jobs direct from sales orders, and group jobs where multiple colours or sizes have the same overprint instructions. Stock is not down dated but is allocated and can also be reserved.

Create Overprint Jobs
Overprint Instruction Sheets

Overprint Production

Enterprise Create produces an Overprint Instruction sheet which you can print out or email to the production team, or you can add the order to the Production Planner to be managed electronically.

Finished stock can be moved into a new location/bin called ‘Awaiting Dispatch’ - and the stock linked to the original sales order.