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'Download on Demand' Product Data

Add your favorite products to quotes and orders without having to re-key any information with Enterprise's unique 'Download on Demand service. Tapping into the Customer Focus GATEWAY product database, you can search for products by supplier reference, color, lead time, price, category and more.

The GATEWAY database is updated all year round, and can be filtered to show only your preferred suppliers. We also offer a QCA accredited suppliers search option, so where compliance is top of the agenda, you have a ready source of ideas.

Ultimate features live inventory from suppliers.

No need for third party party accounts
No need for third party party accounts

Respond faster with live inventory by colour, size and location

Customer Focus ULTIMATE is linked to alphabroder, Hit Promotional Products and Bodek and Rhodes' product databases in real time, allowing you to see at any time what's in stock and where.

How  great to be able to tell your customer "yes we can do that" without having to get back to them after checking with the supplier? That's the power of live inventory.