Reporting & Marketing

Reporting & Marketing

Everything you need to grow your print broker business


On Screen Trend Analysis

This graphical report shows you your month to month performance. It shows all enquiries and orders received as a default setting, and can be refined to show a particular representative's enquiries and orders, and/or a particular order type.

The graph shows the value of orders and enquiries received, and gives you a clear indication of how your business has performed over the last year. The report updates every time the routine is activated, and the data can be emailed or printed out on demand.

On Screen Trend Analysis
Custom Report Builder

Custom Report Builder

Every area of Customer Focus Enterprise has detailed reporting capabilities. Some reports, such as Commissions, Supplier Performance, and Order Status, are delivered as part of your system set up - in fact, there are over 300 standard reports immediately available!

You can also create your own reports using pretty much any parameters you like; these can be labelled and saved for use time and time again.


Re-Establish Contact

This pre-built report lets you furnish your sales team with a list of prospects and/or customers who've not been in contact over the last few days (the default is 30 days, but you can choose any number of days).

Just set your criteria, and you can drop calls straight into your reps' calendars.

It's an easy and reliable way of making sure that your sales pipeline stays topped up!

Re-Establish Contact Report
Easily segment your database

Easily Segment your Database

The Product Marketing report makes the task of targeting your customers and prospects with appropriate and timely messages very simple.

You can create lists of customers based on their quote and order history, for example, everyone who received a quote for golf items in the last 3 months, but didn't order.

That list can be used to send an email with a special offer on branded polo shirts, for example, and you can add it to your sales reps' diaries to make calls.


Measure your Marketing ROI

The Campaign Planner lets you map out your marketing activity, and assign goals and budgets to each campaign.

You can record how many responses, quotes and orders were generated as a result, giving you an accurate measure of your return on investment.

Telesales and mailing campaigns can be actively launched from the Campaign Planner, and email marketing lists compiled.

Comprehensive campaign planner