Automated Processes

Automated Processes

Process More Orders with the Same Number of Staff


Automated Supplier Chasing

One of our customers had a member of staff whose only responsibility was calling suppliers to confirm receipt of purchase orders, and verify delivery dates to the end user.

This routine automates both processes, so your team can focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Progressive purchase orders
Automated customer communication

Automated Customer Communication

Save time and improve customer service with automated emails to customers and suppliers!

There are templates set up to chase customers for artwork and proof approval, inform them of delivery dates and shipping numbers, provide stock reports and even re-engage with customers who haven't ordered for a few months.

PromoServe will pull through all of the required information from your Job Jacket Center - so you don't need to touch these processes at all.


Reports Delivered to your Inbox

With over 300 standard reports available in PromoServe, plus unlimited custom reports, you can accurately measure your business performance and prevent bottlenecks before they happen.

PromoServe's Auto Report/Export routine generates any report you choose on demand, and then emails it to the inbox of your choice.

Reports delivered to your inbox
Auto Job Bag Adjust

Auto Job Jacket Adjust

With the Auto Job Jacket Adjust routine, you can automate a huge amount of the order process.

On receipt of an order, PromoServe can automatically raise and send the purchase orders to the suppliers. Once you've attached the customer's proof to the job jacket, PromoServe can automatically send them a copy with a proof approval form, and keep chasing them until the approval is received.

This goes all the way to invoicing the client, and closing the Job Jacket - so you can grow without growing your overheads.