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Electronic Job Jackets

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Streamlined Order Processing

Every order has an electronic job jacket - the modern equivalent of the manila folder that old school distributors remember well! In your job jacket you'll see all of the documentation relating to that order, from the original quote through to the purchase orders, approved artwork files, and email correspondence.

Job jackets automatically update based on your activity; for example once you've sent the purchase order to the supplier, the job jacket status will say 'PO Sent'. These are color coded so you can easily spot bottle necks.

Manage all of your key processes
Track Productivity

Action List Tracks Productivity

Each job jacket has a series of actions that need to be completed before the job jacket can be closed. This is triggered by the category of product ordered, so you'll see a different process for hard goods than for apparel, for example.

Actions can be auto-allocated to the relevant team member, complete with alerts to ensure nothing gets missed. Completed actions are date and time stamped, so every step of the process is documented.


Proof Approval Management

One of the many electronic documents Customer Focus Enterprise produces is a proof approval template, which you can send out to your client with their artwork -and in doing so, your job jacket status will auto-update to 'Proof Sent'.

Need to make corrections and re-send the proof? CF Enterprise automatically records this, too, so you have a clear record of who, what and when. As this is often an area where delays happen, it's useful to be able to see all jobs stuck at this stage in one glance.

Proof Approval Management
Electronic Job Jackets