Live Inventory

Live Inventory

Manage your Client Owned Stock


Centrally Managed Stock Database

Although products can be added directly to your company store via spreadsheet, we recommend adding the products to your PromoServe ERP system.

This way you can display inventory on several different websites, and orders received for inventoried items through the web, or email / telephone / order form, will then update the stock levels shown on all sites, automatically.

Inventoried Items
Live Inventory Display

Customizable Product Detail View

You control what information appears on your website, so you can add in sizing guides, logo choices, color options, related products, reviews, order instructions - pretty much anything you need to make the checkout process as intuitive as possible for your customers.

You can also add your products into multiple 'virtual' categories, so a jacket could appear in 'New Products', 'Men's Clothing', and 'Winter Favorites', for example.