Virtual Sample Enabled Quotes

Virtual Sample Enabled Quotes

Respond Quickly and Professionally to Inquiries


Professional Picture Quotes

Customer Focus Enterprise supports 12 unique quote templates, all of which can be customized with your logo and promotional messages.

They're designed to show you and your merchandise off to the best possible advantage, and you can even display a Virtual Sample enabled product image.

You can choose whether to itemize additional costs, or roll them up into a total price per item, depending on your customers' needs.

Multiple Quote Layouts
Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Each quote can given a WQ rating (the likelihood that the quote will become an order), and a date by which you think the order will be placed. This means that you can focus on the most hot opportunities, and forecast sales activity.

You have the ability to make fields such as these mandatory - and to hide any redundant fields - thus creating a really clear workflow for the sales team.


Maximize Opportunities with Timely Follow Ups

To close the most amount of sales, you need to be both quick to respond to initial inquiries, and diligent about following up (according to, it takes on average five follow up efforts to close a sale).

CF Enterprise can automatically schedule you a follow up call after each quote, and has an alert function to make sure that you make the call! You can then track the outcome of the call, and schedule your next call, in one screen.

Telesales Scheduler